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<embed/>I promise not to cross-post every single Mix blog post, only the ones that I think you’d like.

If you use Mix and want to keep up with where it’s going, you really should add the Mix blog to your feed reader if you haven’t already. Or if you’re not into RSS or don’t know what it is yet, bookmark it.

Anyway, Tim recently surveyed group owners to get feedback about how to improve groups on Mix, and now, he’s asking about what you’d like embed into Mix.

File sharing has been at the top of the enhancement list for Mix forever, literally. It’s not coming anytime soon, but in the meantime, embedding viewers for content uploaded to other places is a solid workaround. I floated this about a year ago among the people requesting file upload, and it would meet a lot of requirements.

It’s also mostly (if not, completely) reusable effort, since when file sharing does get into Mix, it’ll be nice to have a viewer for the files uploaded there.

So, if you want to weigh in, hit the comments over there. I see Gary suggested code formatting; this is one Rich and I discussed long ago too. It’s not a viewer, per se, but it’s definitely a need area. These things get lost in the cracks of my mind. Anyway +1 for code formatting.

I also see Ted commented there too. +1 for SlideShare, one of my favorites too.

For my part, I think Tim has a solid list of viewers. I’m not in love with the idea of a document/pdf viewer personally since they don’t fit as nicely into pages.  Although we did consider Scribd’s iPaper as a viewer at one point. Rich ran into those guys at RailsConf last year, and their viewer does a nice job of handling most document types that don’t already have a de facto viewer.

Anyway, head over to the Mix blog and leave your thoughts.



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