More Connect Mockups

Rich has finished a few more mockups of the changes we’re making to support OpenSocial.

Since our last episode, he’s finished the Profile page. Take a look.

One thing (other than location data, which will return soon, promise) people have been missing since we upgraded Connect to the Mix JRuby code line is status. More people than you’d think used status and not just for Facebook or Twitter-type updates.

Rich planned to bring status back bigger and better than ever, but our plans changed a bit. Here’s his new take on status.

We had originally planned to allow users to add OpenSocial apps to both the Home and Profile pages. However, we’ve decided to keep it to Home only now, a la iGoogle.

We may enable apps for Profile eventually, but they do complicate the page a bit because you have to keep profile details at the top. leaving very little real estate for apps. Even Facebook, who pioneered this approach for their f8 platform apps, has reconsidered it in their redesign.

The only app that may make it on to the Profile is a badges app to show off certifications, affiliations, your blog, or I suppose any piece of flair you like.

Each image on Skitch has comments; we’re using the comments to kick around ideas and ask questions. If you want, you can too.

Or find the comments here. Rich keeps updating the mockups, which tends to bork up the links. So, let me know if you have issues.

Let us know what you think, or forever how your peace and be stuck with what we give you.




  1. The mockups are looking great guys, I can't wait to see it get pushed internally. I've been thinking about an app I would like to see integrated and think I've got a really good one for both Connect and Mix (BTW, do we have a platform name yet?). I'm not sure if its possible with the currently available data sets, but I'd like to be able to select products that I'm interested in or work with on a daily basis and see when a new release, metalink note, or patch is available.

    It would be a great way to keep on top of what's going on with each product. Maybe even link it to the profiles of the PMs for the products. Just a thought, I'm pretty sure the data is available via metalink.

  2. Thanks dude. Good idea, and definitely useful for Mix and possibly Connect. If you want, you can build it 🙂 Ping me for the skinny.

  3. Sounds like a good project to crank out the week of OpenWorld. I'll ping you to see who I should bug about getting access to metalink data.

  4. Hey. OpenSocial is now officially my new latest favourite thing!

    Two questions;
    1) When's Connect going to roll out it's OpenSocial support?
    2) If I want to leverage an existing app into a Connect OpenSocial app (say; I want to embed OraTweet into a Connect app) then how will authentication work, OAuth?

    Thanks for getting me all excited so early in the week with this magical geekery.

  5. Glad to hear it.
    1) We're planning for October, probably mid-to-late, what with OpenWorld fires igniting each day. You can start building today though. Ping me for details.
    2) OS uses OAuth by default, but Anthony has made it work with corporate SSO. Details here:

    Should be a fun ride. We know people will love having a network on which to deploy their apps.

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