Google I/O Sessions Live

Some of the sessions from Google I/O have been posted, including the Wave breakout sessions. I know one of these conflicted with Rich’s panel session, “OpenSocial in the Enterprise”. Rich was both bummed he had to miss it and worried that after the morning’s rousing keynote, no one would show up for his session. Although… Read More

See Rich at Google I/O

A quick note, Rich will be presenting at Google I/O this Thursday on a panel called “OpenSocial in the Enterprise“. He’ll be sharing our experiences with OpenSocial and Connect. Although we haven’t yet released our OpenSocial container, Rich and Anthony have been tinkering with it for over a year and have a sandbox environment we’ve… Read More

Leave a Comment using Facebook Connect

Just before Christmas, Disqus announced their support for Facebook Connect. At the time I remember being a little disappointed with the decision, due to Facebook’s closed nature and what seemed like a choice for the walled garden of Facebook and against the open web (OpenID, OAuth, OpenSocial). I like Disqus; they’ve been responsive when we’ve… Read More

AppsLab Hackathon

So, yet another last-minute OpenWorld announcement, but that’s how we roll. We’re going to host an informal hackathon at the OTN Lounge during the conference. The OTN Lounge will be in Moscone West, Third Floor, coincidentally right near the Unconference sessions, which should work out well. So, we’re calling it informal because Rich, Anthony and… Read More

OpenSocial Update

I haven’t blogged about our OpenSocial progress since Rich finished up his last mockup revisions a few weeks ago. Not a whole lot to report, Rich got pulled away to work on a Mix hardware upgrade for a week, then he took a well-deserved break. My guess is he’s refreshed and back cranking out the… Read More

More Connect Mockups

Rich has finished a few more mockups of the changes we’re making to support OpenSocial. Since our last episode, he’s finished the Profile page. Take a look. One thing (other than location data, which will return soon, promise) people have been missing since we upgraded Connect to the Mix JRuby code line is status. More… Read More

Light the App Bar or Not?

So, I promised to blog Rich’s UI mockups for the OpenSocial UI changes we’re planning, and even though posts about what we actually do here at the ‘Lab get way less traffic and comments than fun posts about which O/S would win in a fight, I’m keeping that promise. Rich has made a lot of… Read More

Big Changes are Afoot

I spent the day today with my AppsLab brethren sequestered like a jury in the Thunderball conference room in sunny Pleasanton, CA. Or maybe it’s Dublin. Anyway, Paul called us all together to hunker down on some design work. Well, some new design and some redesign. If you’re interested in the future of the Connect… Read More