Yet Another Unconference Session

Late last week, we decided to do another session at the Unconference next week. Egad, is it that soon?

If you read here, you know we’ve been plugging away with OpenSocial for several months. Since we’re not a product, we’ve been able to do all our work on the Connect+OpenSocial project in the open. So, we figured why not have an Unconference session that’s part explanation and part demonstration.

Explanation because as OpenSocial rolls out to more consumer networks, more developers out there (like Eddie) will want to know what it’s all about and how they can write and deploy apps to other networks with OpenSocial containers. As I’ve said before, OpenSocial provides opportunities to join the disparate Oracle communities in a passive way.

Additionally, I’m sure users out there are curious to know what the fuss is all about and why I keep blogging about OpenSocial.

The demonstration part will (fingers crossed) include a sneak preview of the new UI, which I’ve teased in the past, featuring OpenSocial apps running inside Connect. We’ve worked a bit with the OpenSocial team over at Google, and we wanted to show them what we’ve accomplished so far. They’re interested in our progress too because we appear to be one of, if not the first instances of an OpenSocial container inside a company firewall.

Although the presentation will feature the stylings of Rich and Anthony, I have whipped up the slides. They are out on SlideShare, if you’re interested. I would embed them, but the font and sweet builds I used didn’t come through as intended.

This shot should give you an idea. I went with a Summer blockbuster theme for giggles.

In other Unconference news, I’m going to have to reschedule my “Are you insulting me? Essential geek-speak, FTW!” session. I realized last week that it overlaps with Larry’s keynote on Wednesday, making it doubtful that I’d have any attendees.

The advance signups are pretty full, at least during the desirable times, so I’m going to have to sign up onsite. My goal is to get something Tuesday afternoon, but I guess we’ll see. Watch the space for updates all week as we get closer to the big show.

Update: I’ve converted the slides to pdf and updated the embedded version. The builds don’t work, so I guess you’ll need to swing by to see the awesomesauce.



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