Unconference News and Preparation

So, I just finished my first cut at my slides for my OpenWorld Unconference session, which I’m tentatively calling, “Are you insulting me? Essential geek-speak, FTW!”.

If you’re interested, check them out and give me feedback, comments, keeping in mind my goal is to educate by example, not give a comprehensive history. And to have a laugh.

One of the uploaded slides isn’t showing the xkcd comic, but the local version shows it. I don’t feel like figuring out why, so if you care, here’s the comic. Or just use your imagination.

If you want to heckle me, I’ll be at Overlook II on Wednesday (the 24th), 4 PM sharp. Latecomers will be hazed.

Coincidentally, the Emperor needs your help with the score for his Unconference session, which is on Thursday (the 25th) at 1 PM. He’s trying to fill out a last.fm playlist of songs that are loosely associated with biometrics; looking at his list so far, he’s branched out a bit too. Help him out; it’s a fun way to spend a few minutes on a Friday.

Finally in Unconference news, we’ve added another session to talk about OpenSocial, Monday (the 22nd) at 4 PM in Overlook II, right after our official session at 2:30. Anthony and Rich (and probably me) will talk about experiences with Shindig, implementation details, app-building and more. The agenda isn’t too well defined yet. We might show some stuff too, if that raises your interest.

Stop by and check out what we’re building before it’s launched to Connect or Mix. There might be some folks from Google’s OpenSocial team there as well.

It’s looking more and more like I’ll be spending most of the week in the Unconference. If you have can’t miss sessions that you think I should attend, let me know in comments.




  1. IMHO, the presentation looks pretty good. I had to explain lolcats to someone, and I just directed the person to the appropriate slides.

    I don't know if it's appropriate for this audience, but it might be worthwhile to note that there are other derivatives of Chuck Norris facts. (Louis Gray Facts come to mind.)

  2. A variation on the PEBKAC insult that developers use all the time is RTFM, which is strange no developer I know ever reads the manual themselves they get really stuck.

  3. Thanks Matt. Nice catch. Definitions were copy-paste from Urban Dictionary. Guess I should have proofread. I may not update the Slideshare set, unless I make major changes, though.

  4. The slides only show half the session. I have more content in the notes to talk to, especially in the Lolcats section, although I think you can tell how they're organized.

    I'll check out Louis Gray Facts, but that might be a bit erudite. Baby steps.

  5. Apparently an interesting topic. This presentation made it into the Feature section on SlideShare's homepage today. W00t!

    Also, I'm just realizing this session currently overlaps Larry's keynote, bummer. No decent advanced slots remain, so I'm thinking I should do an onsite change, probably for Tuesday PM.

    Stay tuned. I'll announce schedule changes here.

  6. great presentation, LOVE the style- – I'm a bit worried about font size, how big is the room? Slide:ology has all this complex math about how big you are supposed to make the font but the short version is that you should certainly stay above 24 pt for everything and edge up to 30 point for big rooms and old people attending..

  7. Most of the text is 44 and 20, but I can bump the smaller text higher. If the format is the same as last year, it's not even a room really. Just a cubby hole in the Overlook portions of the conference hall.

    This is why I released to SlideShare in advance too.

    What's with the eyes as avatars anyway?

  8. well you should have guessed it was a lame story. I couldn't figure out how to resize my whole photo when I setup Discus so instead I used the part of the photo that fit into the given box and my eye seemed somehow logical 😉

    I do recommend re-thinking 20, esp if people are leaning in to see…

  9. You and Steve both went with the eyes as avatars approach. Mildly unsettling.

    I realized last week that this session overlaps Larry's keynote, so if I stay in the current slot, I doubt it will matter how big or small the font is. I'm going to try to switch onsite, so we'll see what happens. The text isn't all that important anyway, IMO. I uploaded the presentation so it could be reviewed before/after; focus is on content.

    I did bump most of the text up to 24.

  10. Good one. This was a representative sample for explanation purposes; if you're going to be at OOW, stop by the session, introduce yourself and contribute.

    I'm hoping to get a nice mix of geeks and n00bs to make it fun.

  11. You may have to deal with that LOLcats addiction someday. I do have to say that the greatest part about LOLcats is that it generally only offends cats, most of whom cannot read or write, thereby minimizing the media impact you might otherwise have to endure.

    I'll be interested to know when the new time slot is secured so I can try to attend.

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