Google I/O Sessions Live

Some of the sessions from Google I/O have been posted, including the Wave breakout sessions.

I know one of these conflicted with Rich’s panel session, “OpenSocial in the Enterprise”. Rich was both bummed he had to miss it and worried that after the morning’s rousing keynote, no one would show up for his session.

Although he didn’t bother to blog about his own session, Rich (and others who attended) reported that his session did have a nice turnout, despite the conflict with a Wave session, and that his demo of Connect+OpenSocial went well. I happened to be using Connect during his demo, and a colleague posted pictures of Rich talking and of his demo.

Apparently, Rich was surprised to see pictures of himself presenting on Connect during the actual session. I tried to get a comment in before he was done, but alas, I didn’t move quickly enough.

The recordings of the enterprise sessions are not yet published, but when they are, I’ll embed them here for your viewing pleasure.

Rich has received his Wave accounts, and I took it for a spin today. The irony is that you really need contacts to see the features at work, but many of the attendees haven’t got their accounts yet. I’m trying to think of a pithy tree in the forest analogy for water.

Anyway, I had to call Rich and get him logged into his other account to check out the real-time typing feature, which is pretty sweet. The release is definitely a development one. It didn’t crash on me, but it wasn’t very fast. Rich told me he had several crashes.

Still, there’s enough there to get started.

Should be fun. Stay tuned for more details.

Oh, and if/when you get an account, let us know so we can wave at each other.



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