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As is typical for me, the Monday of OpenWorld was the busiest. Now that it’s over, I can relax a bit. Yesterday was an action-packed day, so let’s hit the highlights. Roll the tape.

Our official session “Web 2.0 Technologies In the Enterprise: Lessons Learned, Tips, and Tricks from Oracle AppsLab” went pretty well. I’m not so good at counting people in a crowd, but it looked like about 70 attended, including several old friends of the ‘Lab and a lot of new faces. A nice mix.

Check out the slides.

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They told us the session was recorded, so eventually, if I can get that, I’ll share it here.

After the official session, we headed to the Unconference for our “Adventures in OpenSocial” talk. Mickey Kim and Chris Shalk from Google attended and fielded some questions from the attendees and asked some of us.

Eddie was one of the 20-ish attendees, and he recorded a portion of it. The projected images are pretty hard to see, but you can hear what we’re saying. You’ll be hearing more about OpenSocial from us. So, if you haven’t been reading the older coverage, you can catch up now.

Chris decided to do an Unconference session today at 3 PM (Moscone West, 3rd Floor, Overlook C) about Google’s APIs. Here’s his abstract:

Integrating Google APIs into your applications

In addition to the Google Maps API, you may be surprised to know about all of the other Google APIs that are freely available to integrate into your applications. These include the AJAX APIs for integrating Google Search, Feeds and Language translations into your Web pages/applications. For server-side integration, Google’s Data APIs allows you to interact with many of Google’s online services including Calendar, Blogger, YouTube among others. Finally you can use the Google led OpenSocial Open Source software to build your own social applications and/or container to host social applications. This talk will cover all of these topics in a casual manner with an emphasis of showing working demos of Google technology integrations.

I wish we’d had this to promote before the conference began, and I really hope people attend. This is a great opportunity to combine the enterprise development talents of attendees with Google’s APIs. This is how mashups and composite apps are born.

Last night at OTN Night, I spent a lot of time chatting with Eddie, Dan and David. We were brainstorming ideas for future OpenWorlds. Oddly, this year’s attendance is slightly lower than last year’s, but from some reason, it feels larger to me.

We all thought using the Ignite format for Oracle topics would be very entertaining. The format is five minutes, 20 slides, advancing every 15 seconds. Hard stop. Thanks for coming.

I’ve attended several of the Portland Ignites, and they’re quite fun.

We also talked about an Oracle Barcamp, which seems logical since the Unconference seems pretty popular, and adding a formal hackathon could be fun too. We bounced our ideas off Justin, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

Now some random observations.

The blogger credential continues to be a hot commodity. I heard they have special tables at the keynotes, so that’s probably one reason. I got a chance to meet several bloggers last night at the PR welcome, and I’m really happy with the attendance numbers.

Plus, many of the bloggers who are here have independent blogs with small readerships, and I’m glad they got the opportunity to come cover a big event.

Twitter has been more chore than tool so far. I keep forgetting to check it. I should turn device notifcations on, but there’s a much larger volume of chatter around the conference this year. This is overall a good thing, if only I could remember to join the conversation.

More tomorrow. Your thoughts belong in the comments. They miss you.




  1. Just to emphasize, I do really like the idea of an ignite-like event at OOW. Maybe half of the unconf slots should be done like that or maybe we should just take it upon ourselves to have one person coordinate a whole unconf session slot with the 5-minute presos. Either way, I'm hoping we can collectively make this a reality for next year's OOW. Great idea, Jake!

  2. Having an Ignite wasn't my idea. It would be tough to combine the Unconference with Ignite b/c there's a lot of prep and practice for an Ignite. Maybe a single session could do its own Ignite . . . that would be a lot of information.

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