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The SEO of blogs is so good.

The post I did a year ago about the wiki I started inside the firewall to collect iPhone tips and tricks still comes up in the top few results for the keywords “oracle iphone“.

That post is in the top five all time for us, based on traffic metrics.

It also has 71 comments because I didn’t (and won’t) give the link in the wild. Even before the 3G iPhone dropped, I averaged a couple notes a week about its location.

Since we upgraded Connect a few months ago, the wiki server that was running it has been sporadic at best. Rich has better things to do than keep it running, but people have been pinging me about it. It’s a phenomenon.

Until recently, there was no centralized information for employees about how to configure the iPhone to do stuff like send and receive Oracle-based email on the iPhone, sync your Oracle calendar with your iPhone, browse internal websites, etc. You know, productivity stuff.

So, the wiki collected a lot of workarounds and experiences. This was news for me. After I started the wiki, I never really paid attention to it, but today, when I migrated the content to another wiki (more on that in a minute), I realized how much content had been added.

+1 for user-generated content, and +1 for the iPhone as an interesting subject that brings out the hacker in people.

Anyway, I’ve SEO’ed the post title, hoping this post will come up higher in that search to let people know about the new wiki (thanks Tyler). As before, drop a comment or email me for the URL.

On a semi-related note, the word for the day is “wiki”.

Not quite a bug in the Matrix, but still, coincidental. Seems like everything today is about wikis

Paul and Rich hung out with some dudes from a company best-known for their ground-breaking wiki. Sorry I couldn’t make it, one downside of working outside the Bay Area. Anyway, bummed I missed it.

Then, there was the iPhone wiki move, and on that note, why do syntaxes have to be so different between wikis? I spent an hour massaging the content to make it display correctly.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since today just so happens to be WikiWednesday at AboutUs here in Portland, as is pretty much every first Wednesday. But, I didn’t realize that until after the other wiki stuff.

Weird, no? I swear there was something else, but it’s gone now.

Update: The wiki has been replaced by official content provided by our internal IT and security teams. So now, I don’t have to maintain anything 🙂




  1. “Update: The wiki has been replaced by official content provided by our internal IT and security teams. So now, I don’t have to maintain anything ” Statements like that remind me why I don't work at a big corporation.

  2. It was a neat little project that required little care/feeding, but since all I did was point to it, I can do without the extra email time. Plus, since it's been down, I've had to bug Rich and spend his cycles on it rather than on development.

  3. You probably know more than I do in that regard. If there's no information on, you might contact support or your rep. Sorry, I'm in the same boat, since I haven't been switched to Beehive yet.

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