“For Your iPhone Only”

iphone.jpgFor those Oracle people who come here to read iPhone fodder, I’ve started an internal wiki to collect all the tips and tricks that have surfaced from Oracletes with iPhones. Drop me a note to get the 411.

Rich is still jealous. However, he may be in luck. Paul may be taking AppsLab on the road to the Office 2.0 Conference, September 5-7 at the St. Regis in San Francisco. More details on that to follow.

Here’s the kicker. Every registrant gets an iPhone. No joke.

Update: Rich may not be able to go. <Giggle/>

Update 7/14/2008: There’s a new home for all things Oracle iPhone. Read about it here.

Update 8/7/2008: The content we used to host on the wiki is now rolled into official content provided by IT and security. So, no more wiki. If you want to share information with other iPhone users, there’s a group on Connect and a mailing list.




  1. Hi Jake,

    Please let me know the link for the wiki to sync my iphone with collabsuite.

    Thanks in advance.



  2. Hi there. The wiki is no more. It was replaced by official IT content, and there's no good way to sync with Collabsuite. Although I hear they have something from a third party, I don't use it. Thanks.

  3. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.
    It sure sucks that Oracle employees are enjoying an internal solution
    while us paying Oracle customers are left without one.

    Do you know why it was deprecated? Was an alternative solution published
    Is this what I'm looking for maybe? http://code.google.com/p/ocal2ical/


  4. Not sure exactly what you mean by solution, but I don't think we have one officially.

    I started the wiki in July 2007, right when the iPhone debuted, to collect tips/settings on how to connect to email, etc. At the time, there were dozens of iPhone users internally, not thousands.

    After the 3G iPhone came out, our IT published the same content, and I took down my wiki b/c it fractured the information and was extra cost to maintain for our team.

    Sorry to disappoint.

  5. Sorry, I was specifically looking for how to get working ical files out of Oracle Calendar so users can subscribe from Google, sundbird, etc. Some posts indicated there was a solution on the internal Oracle wiki for this, so that's what I was after.

    I'll move forward with ocal2ical code on google


  6. Ah, got it. If there was solution on the wiki, it would have been what you can find out on the 'tubes 🙂 We don't hold back secret stuff that's not for customers.

    I can tell you that those on Beehive have more options, but I am not one of the lucky ones to be migrated to Beehive yet.

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