Taking a Staycation

I’m off on a staycation for a while. Since I’ll be at home, there’s a good chance it may turn into a workcation. I know it sounds weird, but the temptation to work is always there when you work from home. Sounds even crazier out loud. I’m sure the wife will box my ears if… Read More

Going around, Coming around

The ‘Lab is quickly approaching its one-year anniversary. I plan to blog something more formal closer to the date, but this post about Salesforce.com integrating with Google Apps reminded me of why I am on the team at all. Back in late 2006, I had just moved into Jesper’s strategy organization from development, and I… Read More

The iPhone Still Rules

I’m sure many of you out there got iPhones over the Holidays, just like David did. Rich finally joined the iranks, but he went the iPod touch route, an interesting choice, all the cool features, minus the uncool AT&T and the molasses-in- January slow Edge network. This blog has become an iPhone resource for Oracle… Read More

Video of Paul at Office 2.0

ZDNet has posted a short snippet of Paul’s commentary about Connect, after Dan Farber quizzed (and needled) him. I lol’d when Paul said he had a team of developers who are web savvy. Rich apparently has cloned himself. Woo-hoo! Either that or I am now a web developer . . . bah?

Then You Get the Power

I guess the Office 2.0 Conference made this relevant last week, but I noticed several articles that kicked IT in the teeth for holding back the inevitable advance of new web into the enterprise, i.e. Web 2.0 transforming into Enterprise 2.0. Chris Anderson of “the long tail” fame and Computer World each had pieces on… Read More

Find Me at the Office 2.0 Conference

Next week is the Office 2.0 Conference made immortal by their offer of free iphones to all participants. The conference looks to have a good mix of participation and as luck would have it, I’ll be speaking on a panel covering Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration. That session is Friday afternoon, but you can see the entire… Read More

From the “Don’t Be Evil” Department

As we all know, Google’s unofficial motto is “Don’t be evil”. I’m a huge fan of the ideals behind the statement, but I’m also a huge cynic. IMHO, by going public, Google essentially changed the motto to “Let’s not be poor.” Not that all the hardworking Googlers don’t deserve to be rewarded for their efforts.… Read More