Taking a Staycation

I’m off on a staycation for a while. Since I’ll be at home, there’s a good chance it may turn into a workcation.

I know it sounds weird, but the temptation to work is always there when you work from home. Sounds even crazier out loud. I’m sure the wife will box my ears if she catches we working.

Anyway, since it’s highly unlikely that any of my fellow ‘Labbers will blog in my absence, I’m going to try to schedule a few posts for while I’m gone to keep the content fresh.

I’m a bit bummed to be missing the Office 2.0 conference next week, September 3-5. Paul spoke at last year’s iteration, and everyone got an iPhone. This year, they’re giving every registrant an HP 2133 Mini-Note, which looks pretty cool.

Not only does the conference have sweet “giveaways”, but there are several people attending and speaking that I’d like to meet. David “GTD” Allen is the opening keynote speaker. I’ve always been curious about GTD, but never jumped into really understanding what it means.

Oh well, there’s always next year I guess. Speaking of conferences, I finally got an invitation to the Web 2.0 Summit. Paul and Rich got theirs weeks ago. My glee was quickly dampened when I saw the cost.


That seems steep, no? I’d really like to go, but budget doesn’t grow on trees. The list of speakers is impressive (Al Gore). It looks to be a very full two days of information. Cross your fingers, maybe Paul can works some magic.

Anyway, for those in the US, enjoy Labor Day.

Feel free to talk among yourselves in my absence.




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