More iPwnage

Disclaimer: Honestly, I love my iPhone. It still rules, and I wouldn’t own another smartphone. However, the cynical misanthrope in me loves to deconstruct the hype that surrounds the “God phone”. On today’s agenda, two items: 1) the “Best phone for business. Ever.” claim and 2) more 3G nonsense. For Business? Not yet. Maybe, Updates… Read More

Connect as a Blogging Tool

Since we started down this road last year launching Connect to go with the IdeaFactory, one common ask has been blogs. Blogs are a cornerstone of Web 2.0, allowing anyone to publish content and anyone to participate. We discussed very early on whether we should provide a blogging platform, like multi-user WordPress or MoveableType, for… Read More

AppsLab Session at OpenWorld

The OpenWorld content catalog has been released, and even though the session schedule hasn’t been finalized yet, you can search and browse for sessions to begin planning your time. Even though it looks like none of our suggested sessions will make the cut, you can still find AppsLab at OpenWorld. Just to clarify, this session… Read More

Hurry up and Vote!

Voting for suggested sessions for OpenWorld in September ends today over on Mix. I can’t tell you exactly what time it will end. Being Sunday and all, Rich is probably busy having a weekend, but it will end today. If you haven’t voted yet, head over and browse the list of sessions. Participation has been… Read More

Connect V2 is Live

I’m stoked to announce that we’ve opened our latest version of Connect, the internal community for employees, for beta testing. If you’re an employee, find me through email or otherwise, and I’ll get you the URL. We’ll be redirecting all traffic from the old version of Connect very soon, in case you’re not in a… Read More

Even More Fun with Numbers

Enterprise 2.0 2008 is going on now in Boston, and Oracle is a Diamond level sponsor. So, there are loads of Oracle people attending. I got a request for Mix metrics on Friday for someone’s session today, so I spent several hours yesterday hacking together SQL queries. Protip: when you scope your next web app,… Read More

Play Name the Platform

If you read here, you’ll know the ‘Lab’s history. If you don’t or you’re a new reader, here’s the quick skinny: In June, we launched IdeaFactory to collect ideas inside the firewall. In August, we added social networking to ideas inside the firewall and called it Connect. In November, we added groups and questions to… Read More

Mix Updates

Rich, ENTP and I spent last week fixing some issues in Mix that you may have seen. Suggest a session for OpenWorld has driven steady traffic into Mix, and we’re rushing to fix bugs that people have encountered. Virtually all of the recent fixes have been around suggest a session, which makes sense because that’… Read More

My First BarCamp

I spent portions of this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday attending my very first BarCamp, held here in Portland at CubeSpace. The origins of BarCamp are interesting; back in 2005, O’Reilly held a user-generated conference called Foo Camp that was invite only. Lots of people wanted an invite (kind of like Web 2.0 Summit, ahem),… Read More