AppsLab Session at OpenWorld

The OpenWorld content catalog has been released, and even though the session schedule hasn’t been finalized yet, you can search and browse for sessions to begin planning your time.

Even though it looks like none of our suggested sessions will make the cut, you can still find AppsLab at OpenWorld. Just to clarify, this session is one that was allocated to us by the Applications track and not a suggested session.

Session Details
Session ID: S299162
Session Title: Web 2.0 Technologies In the Enterprise: Lessons Learned, Tips, and Tricks from Oracle AppsLab
Session Abstract: Web 2.0 has matured, and enterprises are coming to the realization that the new Web can help their employees be more productive and happier at work. So now what? Where do you begin? What’s your Web 2.0 strategy? What about external communications? Do you need a blog? Come get answers to these and other questions from Oracle AppsLab. Hear about firsthand experience with what works, what doesn’t, and how you can get started with Web 2.0 technologies.
Track: APPLICATIONS, All Applications
Focus Areas: Not Applicable
Session Type: Conference Session
Product Area: Applications Strategy
Duration: 60 minutes
Speaker(s)/Company: Paul Pedrazzi, Oracle

Also, if you’re anxiously awaiting the results of the session voting and want details on what happens next, you’re not alone. I am too.

Rest assured, I will blog the details when I know them. Until them, sit tight.




  1. Yeah, it's a bit early, and you can't plan until the schedule is released. However, you can start seeing what's interesting by browsing the catalog.

  2. Hi Jake, Nice to see some progress on this front. I've actually moved out of oracle, but would love to continue to use my profile on mix. Will that be possible?


  3. Sad to hear you've left us. Right now, there's no way to merge profiles, but we plan to build that eventually. You'll want to start a new profile. Sorry about that.

    Care to share what you'll be doing next?

  4. Sad to hear about making a new profile. Will soon make one.

    I've moved to UK recently. Right now looking for some opportunities in Oracle Apps technical domain. Haven't managed anything till now. If you have any contacts that can help me in this regard, I would be grateful.


  5. I don't have many UK contacts, but I've heard from some transplants I know that consulting is pretty hot there right now, at least for Oracle Apps.

    Good luck, keep reading and commenting, and let us know where you land.

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