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About a year ago, I bought my wife an iPhone and then soon broke down and bought myself one. Since then, I’ve blogged several times about the little gadget, including a few posts on how it works for me as a work tool.

A large percentage of the traffic on this blog is due to iPhone content. Several of my posts on the iPhone are in the top ten posts, ranked by traffic. Many of the referrals from search engines include “iphone” as a keyword.

In fact searching for oracle iphone returns two of my posts above the fold in Google, which is humorous to me, since just last week, Oracle released the iPhone Business Indicators app. I guess WordPress has pretty good SEO-fu.

I routinely get inquiries from employees about the link to the iPhone wiki I started last August, and that post now has a hefty 61 comments on it.

So, when we launched the upgraded version of Connect, it made sense to create an iPhone group. The timing couldn’t have been better, just a few weeks before the 3G iPhone, the iPhone App Store and the 2.0 firmware all hit.

Anyway, if you’re an employee and you want find or share information about your iPhone (brand new or otherwise), hit me up, and I’ll point you to the group. The wiki page is linked there too, which is great because I never could find the URL fast enough.

The “Have an iPhone?” group is also a great place to sound off about what you like or don’t like about the gadget, e.g. maybe you were one of the many affected by iPocalypse Friday.

Want the 411? Drop a comment.




  1. Jake: Thanks in advance for the link to the iPhone group. Just got my 3G.
    Much appreciated,
    Randall Henley/Oracle

  2. Got my new iPhone 3G a few days ago, got the email sync to work without cable, synced my calendar successful with iTunes+Cable; All weekend, I was getting my Outlook emails to my iPhone. And Boom – the wirelsss sync stopped working – when I open my Outlook inbox in iPhone, it tries to get mail – sometimes, it comes back with no mail and sometimes, it says “cannot connect to”. I have a feeling that if I connect my phone to itunes with cable, I can get the mail, but what is the value of data plan if I have to connect with cable?

    My gmail pushes mail successfully.
    Can someone help?

  3. Mail has been on/off this week and not just for outside the firewall send/receive. Seems better today. I don't use Outlook and never will, this being a shining example of why. Have you tried using the Mail app without any Outlook fancy stuff?

    Drop me a note, and I'll point you at the Connect group and mailing list.

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