Podcast from Paul’s Panel at the Churchill Club

Say that five times fast.

The podcast of Paul’s panel at the Churchill Club is available here, just in case you didn’t make it out to see him in person.

Thanks to Larry Dignan at Between the Lines and ZDNet for recording the panel discussion and posting the podcast. Note, the recording seems to be incomplete right now; all you get is the ZDNet ad. I assume this will be fixed soon. I’ll try to upload here and embed a player. Update: Fixed and embedded below, w00t! Bummer that Paul is announced as “Vice President, Strategy and Innovation, and founder of Oracle AppLabs Oracle.” Grrr.

  • Steve Bendt, Senior Manager, Social Technology, Best Buy
  • René Bonvanie, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Partner Programs, and Online Services, Serena Software
  • Shiv Singh, Vice President, Social Media & Global Strategic Initiatives, Avenue A|Razorfish
  • Charlene Li, panel moderator and Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Update 7/1/08: Fail. The podcast is still borked, and there are a couple comments on the post to that effect. What gives? Anyone know if this recording exists elsewhere? I looked all over and found zilch other than ZDNet.

Update 7/2/08: Wow, there are now three unanswered comments on that post noting that the podcast is borked. If you’re blogging and not replying to comments, ur doin it wrong.

All the recording says is “ZDNet. The biggest voice in business technology.” That’s awesome, how about a podcast?

I finally called in the big guns, asking Dennis to do me a solid and shake some trees. Stay tuned.



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