Final Observations from OpenWorld 2008

So now OpenWorld 2008 is over, and San Franciscans rejoice as Howard Street reopens between 3rd and 4th, or at least it will soon.

I missed my Wednesday recap, since we spent Thursday sequestered in that same old conference room in Pleasanton. Not a lot happened for me on Wednesday.

Rich and I trolled the exhibit floors in Moscone South and West, visiting Dan, OpenWorld King 2008, in his Piocon booth and Harold Green in his video production room. We were looking for stickers, the geek’s business card, but we found precious few.

Over in Moscone West, we tried out the game room; Rich skiied a bit, and I dominated him at air hockey, twice. We also found a Delorean on the show floor, pretty cool. I’m surprised the speedometer only went to 85 mph, since we all remember you have to go at least 88 mph before the cool stuff happens.

In the afternoon, we all watched the keynotes. After announcing X, Larry headed out pretty quickly. John (the Ontario Emperor) suggested that he hadn’t seen that my geek-speak session had been moved to Tuesday morning. I got a kick out of that.

Afterwards, I did some networking with Tim Hall, Chris Muir and others before people headed out for the bit Treasure Island shindig.

Not sure what went on Thursday since I was in Pleasanton all day, but I was a bit bummed to miss Raimonds’ unconference session about Rails on Oracle and John’s biometrics unconference session. Here are Raimonds’ slides; he’s done some awesome stuff with Rails on top of EBS.

So, it’s over now. As with every year, my OpenWorld highlights are all around networking. Working remotely from home, I rarely see the people I work with or talk to on a regular basis. So, it was good to see you all. Let’s do it again soon.



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