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Oraclenerd shirt in the WildChet, the ORACLENERD, dropped me a note yesterday. He’s thinking about expanding his empire to include more Oracle content.

His plan is to reach out to people in the Oracle blogging community who don’t post very frequently (ahem, John P.) to see if they’d like to join his Nerd Herd.

Sounds like a good idea. Team blogs are a great way to spread the work and add new perspective (unlike this blog), and I assume Chet’s plan is to spread his coverage to include some new areas of Oracle with which he’s not familiar.

I think Chet will make an announcement or chase people on Twitter, his latest obsession, but since I’ve been low on content lately, even for me, I figured I could help spread the word here. If you’re interested in joining the ORACLENERD family, hit Chet up on his blog or on Twitter (@oraclenerd).

I did pepper him with questions about his motives. Doesn’t sound like driving pageviews and ad revenues are in the future, but I wouldn’t cross world domination off that list just yet. I think he just wants to add some new blood to his blog and spread the nerd love to more people.

Speaking of nerd love, remember that Chet has been pretty good at getting people to listen to him, e.g. he got into COLLABORATE 09 for free to tweet and blog about the conference. And he didn’t just attend, he got to interview people like Jan Wagner, former president of OAUG.

So, maybe this is the ground floor for the Oracle version of TechCrunch? You know you’re curious.

Also, I owed Chet an action shot of me wearing his logo shirt in the Wild (thanks). Click through for a Photo Booth extra.

I’m still waiting for ORACLENERD stickers.

Update: Chet has informed me that his branding should be in all caps, something or other about screaming. So, I’ve changed it here to avoid a nasty note from his legal team 🙂




  1. I didn't want to be the first one to post here…I was hoping there would be slew of comments that I could respond to one-by-one…

    I tried this out a couple of months ago with a friend from LinkedIn, she wrote an article on Top Ten Grammatical Errors That Make People Look Stup—Silly….

    It was a fun experience for both of us I think. She might be atypical of my target audience though as she is writes for a living and blogs frequently. I'd like to target those who may have attempted to blog at one time, but gave up due to the commitment it entails. They still have valuable information to share, a unique perspective, and I want to help get that out there.

    As cliche as it is, “If it only helps one person…”

  2. It got a few retweets, so you can hang your hat on that if needed. Maybe you'd see more of a bounce once you blog it yourself 🙂

  3. BTW everyone, please click through on the picture because that's what I look like in the T-Shirt. Without the mods. Scary.

  4. Tha t is a very good idea . Developing centers of expertise or a set of blogs/areas where people can go to get their fix of a variety of oracle should be nice as far as domincation ORACLENERD dominates the world anyways ;). I think the Oracle Contractors network has done something similar wth getting guest writers. This could be an Idea for Mix too . Moderated or validated blogging.

  5. fuadar,

    Shhh…I'm the only one, ever, to have this idea! 😉

    And if I dominated the world, my life wouldn't be so difficult.

    As a followup, here's Part II in the series.

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