Defrag08 Presentation

I presented the above at Defrag 08′ in Denver yesterday.  The idea was to take some
known concepts around understanding networks and apply them to how we manage a
community.  This is new ground for us at the lab, but based on the reaction from the
crowd, the direction seems right.  We are working on doing some deeper analysis on
both Mix and Connect in the coming months and will certainly post that content to the
blog as we draw our conclusions.  Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts and ideas with me after the presentation.  Keep em coming.

I’d also like to thank Valdis Krebs at for helping me to solidify some of my
early thoughts and for running the initial data on our social networks.  I encourage
anyone interested in this area to check out his writings and his software.





  1. love the presentation Paul. You make some excellent points, a bit sad you didn't use my digital hermit phrase.

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