Raimonds Updates ActiveRecord Oracle Adapter

Ruby enthusiast and friend of the ‘Lab Raimonds Simanovskis (@rsim) just released a maintenance update to his ActiveRecord oracle-enhanced-adapter, bringing it to version 1.2.4.

This will be the final version of the adapter for Rails 2, after which he’ll move it to Rails 3.

Last month, he updated ruby-plsql.

As you know, we’re big fans of Ruby in all its incarnations, and if you’re an Oracle developer, you know PL/SQL. So, the great thing about Raimonds’ work with Oracle and Ruby is that allows you to build dynamic web apps against data in Oracle databases leveraging skills you already have.

Of course, now the Oracle database stable also includes MySQL, which is the database for Rails apps.

So now you can use Raimonds’ adapters to build dynamic and modern web apps against Oracle databases using your existing skills and expand those skills by tinkering with MySQL and the tens of thousands of Rails gems out there built for it.

It’s a good time to be an Oracle developer.

Are you planning to learn MySQL and/or Rails now that the Sun acquisition has closed?

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