Long Live Walk Up and Use!

I bought Fruit Ninja ($0.99 iTunes), produced by halfbrick, for my iPhone last week, and so far, it’s more than paid for itself.

What’s struck me most about it is its simplicity. It’s truly “walk up and use” design. When presented with the app, everyone can play the game and be successful enough to get hooked.

I mean everyone. If you can find someone who needs direction, let me know in comments. I’ve tested this with Anthony and another friend of mine. I just handed them my phone with the game loaded and off they went, slashing fruit with glee.

The game play is simple and engaging, and the game is beautifully designed.

I’ve pretty much stopped reviewing iPhone apps because we get a fair amount of spam and legit requests for reviews. However, I’m really impressed with the simplicity of Fruit Ninjas.

Now if only I could impart that level of simplicity and entertainment to enterprise software . . . .



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