B.E.P. to Headline OpenWorld Customer Appreciation Event

So, this is interesting.

Justin (@oracletechnet) reported last week that the Black Eyed Peas will be headlining the OpenWorld appreciation event, which is held on Treasure Island and always includes a live concert.

This is definitely a departure in musical guests from the previous appreciation event headliners. See if you can find a pattern.

I couldn’t quickly find headlining acts past 2006, but I suspect they’re in the same vein, i.e. classic rock. To clarify, I’m of this very same vintage, so don’t take offense. The music that was new(ish) during our younger years is now squarely in the classic rock bin.

It’s a fact of life.

I suspect the selection of musical acts is based on the demographics of the attendees, which leads me to wonder how the Black Eyed Peas were chosen.

Personally, I’m a fan, not only of the music, but also of will.i.am (@iamwill), who is a self-described geek. He made a surprise appearance at Twitter’s developer conference, Chirp and attended some of the events during that conference.

In an interview, I heard him say he’d be geeking out at a tech company if he hadn’t made it in music.

He’s an interesting fellow.

Just in case though, Don Henley and Steve Miller are also on this year’s bill though.




  1. BEP should be a fun show. Hopefully my OOW blogger reg will be approved so I can see it. Along with all of the awesome business-related technical geeky content during the daytime, of course. Ahem.

    I've come to terms with lots of my favorite music making it onto the classic rock airwave/nettubes, but I haven't been able to bring myself to tune in the “oldies” to see what that genre is like these days. I used to be able to mock it freely; I might be depressed now. 😉

  2. First off, why wouldn't it be approved? You're a blogger, so is there an issue? Let me or better yet, Justin, know if you have issues. Should be a no-brainer.

    The bad news is that the customer appreciation event is for attendees who buy a full conference pass, so I'm thinking bloggers aren't eligible. Neither are employees, which I should have mentioned, I suppose. That said, there are usually passes available from people who can't/don't want to attend.

    I'm pretty sure some of the music we rocked out to as kids has crept into the oldies playlist. The good news is that musical delineations like that are outmoded. Thanks to the long tail of music and the digitization of tunes, everything is available to anyone, making categories moot.

  3. My interpretation of the rules for blogger passes certainly has me making the grade. That said, I take very little for granted. With the expanded universe of Sun+Oracle, I could see where there might be reasonable to put a cap on the number of blogger passes, to prevent everyone and their cat from piling on and crowding paying attendees out of housing, the lunch line, restrooms, etc. It's only been a couple of weeks, though, so I'm probably guilty of impatience more than insecurity. 🙂

    Bummer about potentially missing out on the customer appreciation event, but I'll gladly take the trade-off to be at OOW in the first place. If I'm all done blogging the previous day's stuff, maybe I'll try to score an unwanted ticket.

  4. You totally qualify, so that's not an issue. If it takes too long, or you get rejected, let us know.

    Like I said, there are usually tickets to be had, so that should be relatively easy.

  5. You totally qualify, so that's not an issue. If it takes too long, or you get rejected, let us know.

    Like I said, there are usually tickets to be had, so that should be relatively easy.

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