That Google Me Rumor

Yeah, I know, more rumor mongering. Alas, rumors make for good discussion.

Former Facebook CTO: ‘Google Me’ Is Real, And It’s Gunning For Facebook

Google made its money by being excellent at fast-following.

Not first in search, but ultimately, better. Not first in online advertising, but better. Not first in online productivity suite, but arguably, better. Not first in webmail, but wow, better. Not first in smartphones, but pretty damn good so far.

And so forth.

Facebook isn’t first in social networking. Remember Friendster? Probably not. MySpace, oh yeah.

However, they’re the 800 pound gorilla. Google has a shot to execute another well-orchestrated fast-follow win.

This one’s all about search, which is why I love the Google Me name.

Personally, I’m so invested in Google, I couldn’t avoid it.

Would you switch? Do you care? Most importantly, how will Facebook’s bell curve users, the bread and butter crowd, react to social network fatigue?

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