Enhancing the WebCenter Chrome Extension

Click through to see the sketches.

Rich (@rmanalan) sketched out the detailed plans he and Anthony (@anthonyslai) have for the WebCenter Chrome extension.

They’re enhancing it to include screen sharing, something everyone in development uses, only all the time. We’re huge fans of Skitch because it’s a quick and dirty capture and markup tool that also has dead simple upload and share capabilities.

We use Skitch all the time to share captures with each other. The catch is that it’s Mac only though, so our Windows and Linux compadres either have something different or nothing at all.

Bummer, right.

The Chrome extension will provide cross-platform screen capture, markup and sharing, using WebCenter UCM as the image store. Easy peasy.

Plus, our changes to the Spaces activity stream will render the image inline if you visit WebCenter in a browser, and also inline from the extension itself.

Pretty slick.

After they wrap up the screen sharing enhancements, it’s on to file upload support and (hopefully) a GMail-style drop zone.

Stay tuned.




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