Seesmic Web Ups the Ante for Social Web Apps

Seesmic (@seesmic) released major updates to their Seesmic Web client, including support for more services, HTML5 desktop notifications for Chrome users and lots more speed.

Seesmic Blog: Seesmic Web – Now with Facebook and LinkedIn Support, Desktop notifications, and Faster than ever!

If you read here, you might recall that I switched to Brizzly nearly a year ago, primarily because of its functionality (content inlining, infinite scroll, short link resolution, multiple account support, etc.) and the fact that it’s a web app.

However, Brizzly became too slow to use effectively, so I switched back to Tweetie and Nambu, native OS X apps.

I’ve always preferred a web app, and the new Seesmic Web comes very close to meeting all my needs. Plus, their support of several services other than may nudge me back to using stuff like Facebook and Buzz.

I have to say its speed is paramount. They’ve done some really cool things to make it desktop app fast. They also do short link resolution, although no content inlining or support for multiple accounts.

That would be tough for an app with so many columns though. Besides, Twitter is rumored to be adding that to very soon, which could mean API support.

I must confess have a soft spot for Seesmic, ever since I hung out with several members of their team at Chirp, including their affable CTO Johann Romefort (@romefort).

However, it’s not just my affinity for the company that has me switching to their apps. I switched to their Android app a while back, even though Twitter’s Android app is quite fast and functional.

They build solid apps and are quite responsive to feedback over Twitter, a great combination.

Anyway, if you like social aggregation in a web app, check out Seesmic Web, and if you have an Android phone, try Seesmic for Android.




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