Google to Shutter Wave as Product

This was surprising, but it makes sense.

Official Google Blog: Update on Google Wave

Give credit to Google for pulling the plug on a product that wasn’t meeting expectations and for realizing that pieces of the product make sense in other Google products.

After the initial buzz around Wave (unintentional pun), which we fell victim to as well, the reference implementation at never lived up to the hype.

I still think Wave has tons of value for enterprises (not as much for consumers), and I’m expecting open source projects to keep advancing the idea.

Is this a case of a great idea launched too soon? Is it a poor reference implementation nuking the product? Did Google kill it too soon?

So many questions. Find the comments.




  1. Hi.

    According to the press Google are gearing up for another push into social networking. Google have lots of individual products and technologies that are required for social networking, including Wave, but not one modern consistent product (I don't consider Orkut a Facebook competitor 🙂 ).

    If Google bring out something worthwhile, I'm sure lots of the Wave technologies will be included in it. Maybe pulling Wave is a prelude to something interesting…



  2. I definitely think Wave came too early, which is why it's comforting to see they're rolling pieces of it into other products and open sourcing others. I suspect the Google Me, Google Music, Google Games monster rumor will include some of Wave's features too.

  3. Yeah, I covered that here a month or so ago. It looks like Google Music and Google Games will be included along with what they media are calling Google Me. Love that name, btw. Makes a lot of sense to keep pieces of Wave and put it on ice for a while until they have a better reference implementation.

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