Prepare for OpenWorld with Mobile Apps

Google Reader just provided an interesting confluence of posts about mobile apps that are perfectly timed for OpenWorld.

OK, fine. One is actually for OpenWorld.

First off, via Chet (@oraclenerd) with h/ts to John Piwowar (@jpiwowar), @alanwill and @carymillsap comes the Oracle OpenWorld conference app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. You can find the right version for your smartphone here.

Next, Paul (@ppedrazzi) posted about his new favorite Android app, CamCard, which takes pictures of business cards and creates/updates contacts for you, saving tons of annoying data entry. That data entry is fraught with typos too, I can attest.

So, there you have two great apps for OpenWorld, one to plan your time and keep you on schedule and another to keep track of all people you meet.


See you at the show.




  1. Just gave CamCard a whirl; it’s pretty slick. I don’t know how hard OCR is these days, but I assume it’s at least still non-trivial, and there have to be some decent heurisitics for figuring out which block of text is name, title, company, etc. As one might expect, it works best on cards that aren’t too “fancy.” I didn’t have a huge stack of cards for testing, but it only stumbled on one, which used all lower-case text and had the person’s name in a different color scheme from the remaining card text. When it fails, the results are amusing. 🙂 People that run w/ a graphic design crowd will probably want to give this one a pass. Thanks for pointing this out; I suspect it will be very useful starting about 48 hrs from now. 🙂

    The iPhone version of the OpenWorld App already has a 1.1 update, too, for UI improvements.

  2. Have you actually looked at the OOW Conference App? Navigate to Show Your Badge…Entertainment/Attractions…L

    I am so excited that we can “Show Our Badge and Save” at Larry Flint’s Hustler Club. “Complimentary admission for you and up to 5 guests plus a 15% discount on your food and beverage tab.” Unfortunately, Beaver Bucks are not included.

  3. Alas, I have not yet. There have been, ahem, adult discounts for a while. I can’t find it right now, but there was a photo of a gentleman’s club marquis welcoming OpenWorld attendees with a discount.

  4. Good point about fancy cards, but I doubt you’ll get many of those at OOW 🙂 I did see the iPhone app gave you issues, so I’m glad it has been updated.

    See you in a few days.

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