G2 Doesn’t Have Rootkit after All

This is relieving after the tempest in a teapot created (I helped) last week.

Ars has a detailed writeup about what is restoring modded G2. Apparently, it’s just a NAND lock, similar to ones found in other devices like the HTC EVO.

I guess this is what Steve Kondik, a.k.a. @Cyanogen, meant when he counseled against calling it a rootkit.

This is an interesting read that also covers some of the licensing implications that puzzled me.

G2 doesn’t have rootkit, it’s just the same old NAND lock (h/t Gizmodo)




  1. Ok; You convinced me with all these post – I`m going for the Cyanogen upgrade.. .. 😉 this weekend on the desire.

  2. Make sure to take a backup, JIC. You might want to find the original ROM somewhere too, also JIC. I keep the latest EVO ROM around as a Plan B.

    Enjoy. Even though CyanogenMod sucks down the battery alarmingly fast, like the original Sense ROM on the EVO did, I still like it better.

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