Nexus Two? Yes, Please.

I have Nexus One envy, despite having a sweet HTC EVO, which I got from Google at Google IO for the low-low price of free.

So, this Nexus Two rumor got me all excited.

Carphone Warehouse getting Nexus Two in time for holidays? — Engadget Mobile


First, the Nexus One is a great piece of hardware. Sure, it’s not quite as powerful as the EVO (or more recent behemoths), but it’s smaller and very capable and sleek.

Second, the N1 runs stock Android, which means no carrier bloatware and no need to mod, although I do love Cyanogen.

Third, I don’t think I’m alone in wishing Google hadn’t pulled the plug on the N1 store and shuttered their attempt to disrupt the carrier retail model.

So, the N2 rumor is a tasty one because it revives all the speculation and possibilities that the N1 had.



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