Great Design vs. Usability

Yes, Paul (@ppedrazzi) has a blog of sorts at, and yes, it’s worth following.

Paul Pedrazzi — Caring Shows

This post about Ligature, Loop & Stem‘s (@ligloopstem) sweet typography poster led me to their site to check out the fuss.

I learned a few things. First, the poster is very cool. Second, as I posited when I got #newtwitter, tablet-inspired web sites are the new black. Third, translating a touch-based design into a pointer-based one is just are hard as the reverse.

And finally, sometimes your design is too precious, albeit beautiful.

Find the comments.




  1. That font on the Ligature, Loop & Stem‘s site… yech. Ampersand poster might be cool, but can’t see them in graphic.

  2. Exactly my point about precious design. It took me a minute to find the “navigation” which is at the top of the page. A crutch for those of us not using touch-based browsers?

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