Unfair Comparison, Correct Decision?

So, Apple is renowned for creating great design, and in this post, Zach compares the Apple remote with the remotes for Google TV designed by Sony and Logitech.

The difference between Apple and everyone else – Blog – Zach Waugh

Bit of an unfair comparison.

The remote for Apple TV trades hardware simplicity for software complexity. I don’t have an Apple TV, maybe Chet (@oraclenerd) can comment, but I assume Apple has built the keyboard into the software, similar to what TiVo does, creating a navigation puzzle.

So, yeah the remote is svelte and pretty, but the cost is transferred to the software.

Data entry will take longer using software vs. hardware, and that cute little remote will definitely get lost, whereas the chunky Google TV one won’t get swallowed by the couch or by a pet, child.

Apple generally gets it right with interface design, but which approach is better?

In this particular case, I’m going with ugly form and better hardware function.

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  1. Apple’s Remote application running on the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone works as a remote control for the Apple TV. In the case of the iPad, you get a nice big keyboard.

  2. Gots to get me one of those logitech remotes to surf the intertubes for those lolcats with the Wii. (But seriously, it would be helpful to be able to easily type in the urls for my uploaded family pix/videos directly on the big ol’ rear-projection screen.)

    Last night I was frowning at the dvr onscreen display, it overwrote stuff I was trying to see on the bottom of screen, so I had to back up and watch the dumb commercial before so the display would be gone.

    Anyways, we should take bets on how long until cheap kinect style motion analysis lets us type on the cat.

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