State of the Market in the Tablet World

Check out this infographic, which summarizes the results of a survey of 3,000 UK residents about tablets (h/t Device Magazine).

The demographic data are interesting, especially the differentiation between “instant access to the web” and “staying in touch with friends via email and social networks”, which underlines the point about the web dying in favor of networked apps.

Interestingly, the web vs. networked apps gap widens with age, wonder if that’s a technical-savvy gap between generations or a usage gap.

The age gap between mobile entertainment (movies and music) and reading is another interesting one.

And oh boy did this make me shudder:

Our results also show people are looking for a few more features from the iPad. 48% of people wanted a USB port to be included, 44% wanted support for Flash, 42% wanted a CD/DVD drive and 29% wanted a built in digital camera.

This is why product management matters people. Can you imagine what a tablet with an optical drive would look like 🙂 I know, external would be fine, but then you’re getting into Sony Vaio territory, i.e. great form factor of the device, does it come with luggage for all the peripherals?

Anyway, embedded here for your viewing happiness, click through for details.





  1. To my mind, they a lot seem to want is a laptop / netbook (or maybe even a desktop) that turns on REALLY quickly. I wonder if they asked how many wanted a keyboard.

    It will be interesting to see what happens if/when Google Chrome OS comes out. I see that Google, as a brand, wasn’t in the list. Sure it’s not a hardware player, but then Microsoft’s hardware is mostly the XBox line (and I guess that contributes to its profile in the 0-17 years olds that the article mentioned) rather than anything with a screen.

  2. I agree Gary. I can imagine the list of wants:

    – Instant on.
    – Keyboard.
    – Trackpad.
    – 17 inch screen, but fits in a pocket.
    – 1 TB hard drive (SSD)
    – 8 Gig RAM
    – BluRay player
    – 5 MP camera
    – Robot arm.
    – Artifical intelligence.
    – Weighs 1 gram.
    – Priced less than $100

    It’s a bloody posh iPod Touch. People are so unrealistic.



  3. The original post mentions that Google’s netbook price point hits the sweet spot for customers polled too. So, you’re probably right. I do think that those people will be disappointed with the tiny keyboard and screen experience of a netbook though.

  4. Agreed. Although I would like to see how Apple approached the integrated optical drive problem in a tablet. They might find a new way to do that, like proximity scanning or something like that 🙂

    BTW, isn’t an iPad a posh iPod Touch 🙂

  5. Hi.

    That was my point. The iPad is a posh iPod Touch. Expecting it to be anything more than that is not realistic. Much more than what you have now and it becomes a MacBook Air and there is already one of those.



  6. Ah, the positioning of that point came after the list of must-have features, so I got confused. Even funnier is the market tablet makers are trying to create for 5-7 inch screens. I’m just no seeing that as a sweetspot.

  7. Yes. 5-7 inch and still expensive. I do think the iPad is a bit big at times, but anything smaller would be a nightmare to surf on. I don’t fancy the smaller tabs myself.



  8. Big? Hmm, haven’t found that to be the case yet, but the EVO is a large phone. So, maybe I’m right-sizing based on my array of toys 🙂

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