Thanks for Reading

I suppose I could have done this last week on Thanksgiving, but since you’re not all American, I’ll pick a random day.

Quickly wanted to thank you for reading here and for commenting.

Over the life of this blog, I’ve come to realize how powerful weak ties are, and having a blog with a core group of readers actually has created strong ties with many of you, even if we haven’t met IRL.

Regarding content, I know WebCenter and work content has been absent here lately. This is for a couple reasons.

First, we’re working on cool stuff that we can’t discuss in the open, but rest assured, as soon as I can, I’ll be tooting our horn.

Second, we realized a while back during a patent inquiry that blogging about stuff we built before it’s generally available means we have no chance to win a patent. At some point, I’d like to see Rich (@rmanalan) and Anthony (@anthonslai) score a patent for their hard work. So, I’m staying silent about even the stuff that’s not controlled by Rev Rec.

I suspect if you read here regularly, it’s not only for the WebCenter nuggets though.

If you ever want to send me a tip or chat, email me, lob a tweet @jkuramot or drop a comment. If you work for Oracle and want a bully pulpit, let me know.

Anyway, thanks.




  1. Hi Jake – it’s a pleasure to be reading here – that’s why I keep doing it!

    I don’t use a modern mobile / smart photo / have a laptop / ipad / ipod / use Web Centre / but I still find the content interesting, and it’s nice to see familiar “faces” commenting.

    I think the varied content is what makes it interesting, if it was all pl/sql code or a long dry article like something on OTN, then I’d be off like a shot 😉

    Keep up the good work Jake!

  2. Thanks Jim. Glad you still enjoy reading after all these years. I doubt I’d last very long writing long dry posts about PL/SQL or similar. That’s just not me.

    This blog, right-wrong-indifferent, is a reflection of stuff that interests me. I would say us, but the others don’t blog enough to offset my enormous ego 🙂

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