Meet Line Phone, Another Concept Phone

After yesterday’s post and discussion about multiple screens, it’s fitting that another concept phone come across my Reader today.

Meet Line Phone (h/t Core77). Skip the first 30 seconds to get to the phone stuff.

The design extends the screen’s area all the way to the edges, eliminating the bezel. The edges have capacitive touch functions, allowing for some interesting functionality within applications.

Combining phones to show a larger screen reminded me of yesterday’s discussion. I have to assume this device would be affordable in order to pull off some of the multi-device use cases, like playing a racing game, watching a movie.

Watching this, I get the sense that people would need extensive training to learn all the gestures, no “you already know how to use it” here. That’s one thing about multi-touch that bothers me; like keyboard shortcuts, gestures require both training and recollection to be productive. Sure, once you learn and remember gestures, you can’t live without them, but the barrier to productivity is pretty high.

Also, like keyboard shortcuts, gestures aren’t terribly intuitive.

Anyway, some very cool design baked into the concept. Thoughts?




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