How to Build a $10 Android Wind-Up Charger

This is too cool not to share here.

How To Build a $10 Android Wind-Up Charger

The segment on the wind-up charger is only about five minutes. He goes on to elaborate on the original concept of charging while you walk, using your own motion to turn the crank. That doesn’t work out so well, and the episode abruptly goes off to pinball machines. Wishing he’d have tried something else, maybe that’s content saved for another day.





  1. If he could come up with a wind-up solution to solving the electronics on planes conundrum we’d be made!

  2. Well, there’s not much to do on a plane, so you could wind manually. People near you would think you’re insane, but it would work, and you might get rushed by a bunch of paranoid air marshals 🙂 But hey, you’d have power.

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