Rumor: BlackBerry Devices May Run Android Apps

Well, this is a fun rumor, especially since it jibes with my prediction for 2011 that BlackBerry and Nokia will surrender to Android.

Exclusive: BlackBerry PlayBook and smartphones to run Android apps? | BGR | Boy Genius Report

Makes a ton of sense for BlackBerry, but raises the same old fragmentation concerns for Android developers. The PlayBook is said to have a pretty typical standard tablet specs, e.g. 1024 x 600 resolution, but BlackBerry’s phone vary greatly in their display sizes.

Anyway, very interesting stuff.




  1. Agreed. I’m curious to see how this works and how developers react. Or maybe, this is only half the story, and there’s more to tell. Who knows. Fun to speculate though.

  2. Arianna Huffington may be saved yet. Seriously though, I’m curious if they can get any decent UX from the apps to make it a compelling business move. Developers will hate it. I mean trying to make apps designed for one O/S to work like another O/S isn’t something Android dev community honchos promote (see his presentation about Anti-patterns I saw at the Google Technology User Group Dublin: ). Why not just get just take the whole OS and apps onto the device? Half-baked idea of a rumor I think.

  3. And the President too, an admitted CrackBerry addict. The approach is definitely half-baked, but could you blame RIM for wanting to get value out of BB 6 and tap the Android Market and developer community?

    This is the best rumor I’ve heard, which isn’t saying much, but before this, it was just hunches and “should dos”. So, a bit of progress.

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