WebCenter Enterprise Methodology Group

Time to talk business for a second. Chet (@oraclenerd) actually told me about the newly-formed WebCenter Enterprise Methodology Group last week.

WebCenter Enterprise Methodology Group « Peter Moskovits’ Oracle WebCenter Blog

This group was started by Yannick Ongena (@yannick_ongena), and it joins existing EMGs for ADF, OBIEE and SOA-BPM. The EMG concept was developed and grown by Chris Muir (@chriscmuir) over the past couple years.

The main purpose of an EMG is to discuss best practices and methodologies for development, including effort by subject matter experts to discuss higher level issues than those discussed on the OTN User Interaction Forums.

The main goal being to get the product out there and get people to use it.

I can get on board with that goal, and I humbly suggest that the EMG organize WebCenter hack days at major user conferences like COLLABORATE, KScope and OpenWorld.

Anyway, check out the WebCenter EMG and the other EMGs if you’re interested.



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