The EBS Install Guide Book

Chet (@oraclenerd) just announced an eBook version of John Piwowar’s (@jpiwowar) epic multi-part E-Business Suite installation guide.

ORACLENERD: EBS Install Guide – The eBook

OK, it’s a pdf, not specifically an eBook, but if the demand supports it, Chet says he may format the contents for Kindle, iBooks and possibly other eReading formats.

Of course, you can read pdfs using those apps too.

Anyway, Chet is asking $5 for the pdf version to benefit his daughter, Kate, who was recently diagnosed with PDD-NOS, a type of autism.

Altruistic motivations aside, although the content is readily available on Chet’s and John’s blogs, the pdf version provides a single version that is more portable and easier to consume than eight different blog posts.

The trend of self-publishing work is an interesting one that eReaders have accelerated. I’m noticing more and more bloggers are self-publishing their work, rather than wading through the traditional publishing process.





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