Snowy Typeface Makes Me Happy

After many years, I’ve found a fellow typeface nerd in Rich (@rmanalan), and I’m sure he’ll appreciate this.

Type Made From This Winter\’s Biggest Resource: Snow | Co.Design

If you care about design, you care about typeface. Think about web or software design that you like. How much of that is the typeface? Probably more than you think.




  1. Definitely a good typeface for text that is only applicable for a limited time. Unfortunately, it’s not all that useful in most of southern California.

    I am a typeface Luddite. My Mac Plus had Courier, Geneva, Helvetica, and Times, and if I had my way I’d use those four typefaces exclusively. (OK, maybe I’d add Symbol to that.)

    (To be honest, I haven’t used Courier in years, but when I was writing software user manuals in the 1980s I would use Courier to indicate text that the user would type. We were still close enough to the typewriter age that the use of Courier for this purpose made sense.)

  2. Typeface is hugely underrated and unnoticed by most people, no biggie. I wonder how many computer literate people even know you can install fonts.

    Another example of typeface awesome, road signs. I found a slew of road sign typefaces, literally for pretty much any sign you’ve seen in the US and internationally. Of course, this makes creating a funny sign very easy 🙂 I also enjoy funny signs. So win-win.

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