Facebook’s Stranglehold On Mobile Time

As a second part of yesterday’s musings on Facebook as the next content platform, here’s a chart for your consideration.

CHART OF THE DAY: Facebook’s Stranglehold On Mobile Time

These data are for the UK only, but even so, the sheer amount time spent on Facebook while on a mobile phone is staggering.

Not at all coincidentally, Google threw its hat into the subscription ring today, offering a much more publisher friendly agreement, including a 90/10 split and full access to the all-important demographic data .

I’m still betting on Facebook. Why? Because they get mobile, they get the power of the network, and they bring 600 million users to the party.

Think back to 2007. Assuming you knew about Facebook at all, how funny would it have sounded to hear that people would play games on Facebook.

Tens of millions of people. Every. Single. Day. For hours at a time.

And buy stuff in the game.

Yeah, don’t sleep on Facebook.

Update: Just reading about other changes that will allow iFrame tabs on pages, as if you needed any more evidence that Facebook is becoming a friendly home for content providers.




  1. I’m not, but I have a kid, family and irl friends on there. And the pix the young ‘uns post, woo hoo!

    There are a lot of things in life I don’t like, but deal with anyways because I long ago decided it makes more sense to profit from others stupidity than to stand on principle. Also called “selling out.”

    I too joined facebook early in one of my anon personas, looked around and didn’t bother again for a long time. I still have it, makes an interesting honeypot at times. I actually had forgotten about it until someone tried to impersonate my persona and I started getting emails.

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