Barnes & Noble Opens Development for NOOK

Not terribly surprising, given Amazon’s recent app store launch, and given Google’s laissez faire attitude toward other Android app stores.

Barnes & Noble Now Allows Nook App Submissions (But Nothing Dirty, Please)

Potentially interesting is the trend toward device-specific app stores, and yeah, I’m assuming Amazon will eventually drop its own branded devices.

I see this as boon for developers, despite what looks like further fragmentation. These niche stores want to attract developers, so they will make sure to create and easy transition environment for apps.

This means a close to frictionless experience that opens up a curated market with targeted customers.

So, developers can test the waters with existing apps, and then tailor their apps as necessary to appeal to Amazon users or to nook users.

Yeah, the end result is fragmentation of development, but the developers decide whether to fragment their Android efforts or not.



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