Meet Steven Sasson Inventor of the Digital Camera

This is fascinating stuff, especially given the short length of the video. Great film from David Friedman about a man whose invention has changed the world as we know it today.

An interesting nugget is the choice to store 30 pictures on a digital cassette tape, not because of technical limitations, but because 30 fell nicely between the 24 and 36 exposure film canisters that prevailed at the time. He could have stored hundreds or thousands on each cassette, but “nobody knew how to deal with that concept” in 1975. Sasson elaborates:

“The key I think when you’re putting across an idea is you have to understand the culture you’re dealing with first and foremost and put everything very much like the culture’s used to and then put your idea, only the essential elements of your idea out there, so that it doesn’t get confused with things that might complicate the concept.”

Insightful words from someone who would know. Innovation is bounded by culture.

How Steve Sasson Invented The Digital Camera [Video] | Co.Design



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