Nothing But the Web

So yesterday at Google IO (@googleio), Chromebooks were officially announced, and we saw this video for the first time.

Pretty smart advertising. Google’s push into enterprises and educational institutions is also smart, although you wonder why Google Apps weren’t bundled. Give it time.

This feels like Take X at the good old NC, maybe with an OLPC twist. Turns out, attendees of Google IO will get Chromebooks when they’re released in June. Although this fits the Google IO model of giving away stuff they want developers to use and build for, I wonder if the audience at IO has the right use cases to build for Chromebooks.

I can’t think of any myself, although as with last year, I did notice a lot of representatives from educational institutions and state and local agencies.

I guess there’s always the parental support use case. Would you recommend a Chromebook to your relatives?




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