A Machine to Shred Anything and Everything

This is pretty fascinating. Back in the late 90s, I worked on a project at a metals reclamation plant in urban Detroit. They bought truckloads of shredded cars, sorted out the recyclable materials (aluminum, copper, etc.), and resold them to the automakers.

The machine in this video must be the guts of that glorious machine that eats cars and spits out pieces no bigger than a hardbound book. I never saw the machine itself, but I saw plenty of trucks full of its handiwork. Pretty mind-boggling to see something as big a car (or more accurately, dozens of cars), reduced into bits.

H/t Kottke.org, the video gets bonus points for its retro stylings and music, which of course weren’t retro at the time this video was made.




  1. Music *was* awesome.

    I especially liked the fact that it could “catch” the tennis balls…I thought those would pop right out but it grabbed and shredded them. 

    I want one.

  2. Noticed that too, struck me as odd. The only thing I could think of was that they were difficult to shred without gumming up the mechanism, or they had laid off the only women and were converting the restroom.

  3. Yeah, eating round objects was impressive. In the wider shots, did you notice how careful all the people adding stuff were being? That thing means business.

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