Happy 4th Birthday iPhone

Wow, what a slow news week (month?), or maybe I’m just jaded beyond belief at what qualifies as interesting anymore.

Might be the latter.

I skim hundreds of posts most days, some days thousands, e.g. if I’ve been away or after a busy few days of development work, and lately, 99% of what I see is boring, wrong or stupid. Sometimes all three.

Here’s what I found today:

The iPhone on its Fourth Anniversary | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

The only reason the iPhone’s fourth birthday interests me a little is that I still have an original iPhone. It no longer has service, but it works just fine. My wife still uses hers every day and isn’t interested in upgrading, not just because of cost, but because I can’t really sell her on the value of a newer model.

Speedier processor? More storage? Faster networks? Multi-tasking (the OG iPhone is stuck at iOS 3.1 forever)? Bigger screen? Retina display?

Meh to all.

The point being, that even though four years seems like an eternity in mobile, that first iPhone was and is truly revolutionary, although I dunno about magical.

It’s still highly capable today, despite having an older version of iOS and paltry specs compared to what’s out now.

If I gave my OG iPhone to any of my relatives without smartphones, they’d be in absolute heaven.

It’s that good. Everything since then, including the iPad, has been incrementally better.

You just don’t see many products like that.



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