Return to iOS?

After more than a year away, I may have to go back to iOS.

After upgrading my EVO to Cyanogenmod 7 (@cyanogen), the Gingerbread release, I’ve been having numerous issues, the biggest of which is that I’m not receiving all my calls, which kinda defeats the phone’s purpose. I know, shades of AT&T iPhone complaints.

I found out today that, independently, Rich (@rmanalan) has been having similar thoughts.  I guess his Droid X requires frequent reboots to get the phone working (or something like that), again after a Gingerbread update. Unlike me, he’s running the stock ROM from Verizon/Motorola. Before I make any decisions, I plan on reverting to the stock HTC Sense ROM to see if that alleviates my phone call issues.

Of course, that requires effort, as do a lot of things on Android, and I’ve come to realize that I’m just too old for that.

It’s great fun geeking out with Linux drivers, beta versions of software, testing out new apps, modding your phone, at least until you break something that you really need to work. Then, it’s a massive pain to recover a working system. I just don’t have the time or energy for that anymore.

As much as I love Linux, I run OS X on my primary laptop because I know it will work. After a year, I’m nearly convinced that I need to follow the same theory with my phone. IOS has improved significantly since I last ran it on an iPhone (from 3.1 to 5.0 beta 2), and I now have a choice of carriers.

So, what would I miss most if I jump back to iOS?

1. Google Maps on Android is phenomenal.

2. Mobile hotspot. I’ve heard iffy things about it on Verizon iPhones.

3. Good multi-tasking. Yes, I argued it doesn’t really matter, but Android does it right.

4. A 4G network.

Update: 5. True OTA updates. IOS 5 has OTA, but so far it still requires iTunes to be running. That may change.

Now, it’s a matter of cost and time. I don’t really care about jumping before a shiny new version, but if I can make it a few months more on the EVO stock ROM, it might be worth waiting for the next iPhone.





  1. What are some of the other issues you’re having?  I’m running Cyanogen Mod 7 on my Nexus One along with DTAPPS2SD and I’m experiencing approximately one reboot a day.  I’m good for an upgrade whenever but am waiting until after Ice Cream, the next Nexus, and next iPhones are out to make any decisions.

    I’d miss Google Maps, mobile hotspot, and native Google Voice calling (but maybe the isn’t an issue anymore).

    I want to like Google better, but may have to take a hard look at my options in a few months.

  2. You hit on exactly why I am staying with iOS.  I’m too old, too tired, too busy and too lazy anymore to deal with issues with my personal technology.  I spend all day fixing broken designs, processes, technology and people at work and I don’t have time to deal with that at home.  iOS isn’t perfect but I haven’t rebooted my iPad since the last software update and I only reboot my iPhone when I shut it down when I’m on a plane. Maps on iOS are good enough, I have an external 4G Clear hotspot device that has great battery life and I can live with iOS multitasking.  I’m a heavy user of iTunes and the (coming) iCloud changes resolves most of my syncing issues.  Android/Google keeps Apple on their toes and that’s a good thing but Android is just not for me.  Glad I have a choice.

  3. These are exactly the reasons why I’ve stuck on to an iPhone after my blackberry . And I use t for data more than the phone and AT&T still sucks but I stic by my iPhone

  4. Android is great, but like the OS debate, the average user should stay with what s/he knows. The learning curve for switching can be large.

    I’m a corner case for sure as far as users go, and it’s difficult to make decisions and pronouncements without giving both options a try. I love Android, but it has to work more consistently without issues.

  5. Life has become too short for mucking around with technology all the time. More often than not, I just want it to work, but the problem for me is shiny objects get me to do stuff (like install ROMs) that lead to extra work. At least w iOS, I don’t really have that option, jailbreaking aside.

    I really do hope the iTunes cord is cut. IOS 5, beta 2 has OTA, but it still requires iTunes to be running *and* the device to be attached to power, so a zero sum gain.

  6. The GPS is horribly slow to update, making Maps unusable, which is a huge issue. If I run the extra receivers (wifi, 4G), the battery drains even faster, and the battery life is already bad.

    CM 6 was rock solid, but CM 7 has been spotty. Not a judgement of the team, they’re doing awesome work. I don’t expect it to be perfect, but it has to be more dependable.

    I hope future versions of Android shore up some of these issues, but I doubt I’ll wait.

  7. It boils down to the simple debate of a limited, curated, but just works experience versus the cool, cutting edge, sometimes painful early adopter experience. iMy own need for operational reliability – iOS – has won out over my inner geek – lust for Android – so far…but it’s not nearly as much fun.

  8. I think Android really fits a good enough version of iOS for most users, i.e. those who don’t care about how many apps it has, but rather how much it costs. I’d call Android a more mainstream version, one that just so happens to be more fun to bend and twist to your geeky will.

  9. I’m on Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and have been running CyanogenMod 7.0.3 for a bit over a month now. htc Incredible.

    I’ve haven’t had any (noticeable) reboots, but I also haven’t used my phone as much as I used to.

    CM 7.0.3 did bork my GPS/location stuff and my video _still_ doesn’t work.

    I’m ok with both of those because I love the integration with all the google services, my favorite perhaps is Picasa.

    I think the iPhone is a beautiful, easy to use piece of technology, but I have a visceral hatred for iTunes. How can a company that makes such stunning physical devices and suck so bad at a relatively simple application?

  10. Thanks for reminding me that I’d lose Gallery, which I agree is awesome. It’s amazing to me that HTC left that out of Sense. I have found an app for iOS that does an adequate job, and with G+ Instant Share, the sharing stuff will eventually port over too. Still, bummer.

    GPS seems to be rampant across devices for CM7. I don’t see reboots, just areas of lost functionality. I thought about going back to CM6, which was rock solid.

    +1 on iTunes, I wish someone would reboot that thing. The lack of real OTA is a big loss too.

  11. I just don’t like apple’s keyboard… nor the inability to replace the battery. Of course, phone going dead is not a big deal for me, since I never answer it 😉

  12. Apple’s keypad at all or in comparison to Android’s? They’re equally annoying, but on Android, you have Swype at least. The battery thing is a different issue. 

    The iPhone’s battery life is epic compared to pretty much every Android phone, so the ability to change it out is a must. Apple took that criticism and made the battery much better.

    Apparently, no one talks on the phone anymore, as evidenced by my ROM’s inability to receive phone calls. Maybe the devs thought it was a nice-to-have 🙂

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