Meridian Launches on Android

Back in March, I wrote about Meridian (@meridianapps), an app that maps indoor spaces, helping you find your way around places like Powell’s.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, a pal of mine, Jeff Hardison (@jshardison) had gone to work there with, among others, Nick Farina (@nfarina), he of this week’s iOS to Android porting fame.

Anyway, last week, Meridian launched on Android and introduced maps of JELD-WEN Field, the home of the MLS Portland Timbers. That’s Major League Soccer if you’re scoring at home.

Mapping indoor spaces is hugely valuable and so far, underserved. There’s a ton of potential for large corporate campuses, college campuses, conferences like Oracle OpenWorld, museums, libraries, and pretty much any large venue to take advantage of indoor mapping, which, one established, offers further innovation areas for AR (Augmented Reality).

For now, you’ll have to be content with the home of the Timbers, Powell’s and a handful of other venues, at least from Meridian. At least they’re on iOS and Android now.





  1. oooo… a map of Open World on my droid? That would be slick…

    Airports, conferences, and sports stadiums probably have the most incentive to do this… colleges would do it probably just to “be cool.”

  2. Totally, there’s a ton of potential for warehouses too, e.g. truck driver arrives w a load, scans a QR code to install Meridian w the map of the plant/warehouse to know where to drop the load. 

    Incidentally, I love the idea of having apps like these on QR codes, easy to install and targeted at the right audience.

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