New Mobile-Friendly Oracle SSO Login

If you login to any properties today, you’ll notice there’s a new look to the SSO login page.

This new page is designed to be mobile-friendly and uses CSS3 media queries to determine the viewport size of your device and render the page appropriately. If you’re not on a mobile device but want to see how it looks, simply decrease the window size of your (modern) browser window.

By modern browser, I mean you’ll need one that supports CSS3 media queries, not a big deal really if you’re running a pretty recent version of Chrome or Firefox or IE9.

The big deal here is that your smartphone browser supports media queries, so when you login to an Oracle property, you won’t need to zoom in anymore.

Also noteworthy is that Rich (@rmanalan) worked with the Marketing team on this redesign. We use OSSO for all applications inside the firewall, so having a mobile-friendly version is a big help for internal users as well.

Anyway, enjoy.




  1. nice. sensibly didnt go with the show password advice of some:

  2. What do you have against showing passwords? The biggest problem w that is it’s convention to mask them, so users won’t feel comfortable if you take away the masking. FWIW, I do like the show password option that some mobile apps provide.

  3. Security issue? Maybe time we moved passed typing in passwords and used retina recognition, fingerprints, all the stuff of Tom Cruise movies.

  4. I think the security issue is a bit overblown, given how personal devices are now. But, this is why I like the option to show password that some apps provide. Give the user the choice.

  5. Google (and I heard FB) went to two-factor auth, not really an easement to credential pages and password masking, but kinda anti-mobile in a lot of cases.

  6. Sheer laziness. 🙂 Tired of pinch-zooming and/or stabbing at fields with clumsy thumbs when trying to post to an OTN thread or following a link to a My Oracle Support note while reading on my iPhone. Little things make me happy.

  7. Sweet. Happy to accommodate your laziness 🙂 It was actually a PIT, and many people wanted it, internally and externally.

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