Browsing over the Shoulder

This is either an interesting experiment in complete transparency, or Facebook’s new admin console watching you surf.

Browsing over the shoulder

Interesting stuff, especially given the highly disturbing news that Facebook tracks you even if you’re logged out and apparently everywhere, even to sites without a Like button or other Facebook integration.

Update: Maybe not every site, but I can’t really get a clear picture. Nik Cubrilovic, who outed the cookie behavior, says every site, bolded. The WSJ and other outlets say every site with a Facebook integration. Degrees of creepy.

Update 1: I guess Dave Winer started this round. Lifehacker has a nice roundup of the details and how to react, depending on your level of caring. Plus, it looks like maybe these persistent cookies only watch Facebook-enabled sites.

Sure, they say it’s fixed now, but that’s a funny way to put it. If you want an option, other than running Facebook in its own browser, try the Facebook Disconnect extension for Chrome.

Or quit Facebook.



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