Does Technology Make You Happier?

That’s the point right? Technology either makes life easier, which presumably creates more free time, or it provides new ways to entertain us.

Are new technologies making us happier? – The Next Web

This isn’t as easy a question to answer. On the one hand, technology obviously does what you’d expect. My wife loves Facebook because she can keep in touch with out-of-town family; she also played joyfully with Siri on her new iPhone 4S (yes, I finally got one) last night.

But today, she’s annoyed at Siri. “I think it’s broken.” Doh.

I’ve ranted here a lot about how technology should be easier, so yeah, it makes me happy, until it doesn’t.

I guess it’s a big picture question. In macro, technology makes me happier, but not always in micro.





  1. Great points. We’ll know in the next 10 years how technology *really* affects people as the Millenials come of age.

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