Twine Advances the Internet of Things

I do love the internet of things, and Twine looks like a simple way to add connectivity to everyday objects without too much fuss.

‘Twine’ Foreshadows A Future Where All Objects Talk To The Internet | TechCrunch

Twine reminds me of stripped down Sun SPOTs. Anyway, they’re on Kickstarter now, raising money to make these rubber squares in bulk.

And once every object in your home has internet connectivity, you’ll soon be able to use Siri to command them all. Check out this sweet car hack for Siri if you want proof of concept.

Update: Still wading through news, looks like SiriProxy can enable lots of cool hacks. Check this recap.

The future’s so bright, your shades will feature a heads up display that shows you Facebook and a proximity sensor to prevent you from walking into anything, like a fountain.






  1. I like the idea but I think having each device with wi-fi is a bit overkill… A better idea is to build wireless “widgets” (zigbee or plain RF)  on top of a hub such as the ioBridge ( Either way can wait for more mainstream products like these, so I can have the house of the future.

  2. The new student apartments they are building at CSU San Marcos will have notifications when your laundry is done.  I hope they actually send them some minutes before.

    The remote start on my car beeps the horn, I assume to scare out any creatures.  That really should be a requirement. 

    The future’s so dim your apps have to be in jail:

    Here’s to stuxnet in your room.

  3. Interesting. I’ll defer to you on this one, being the resident maker. Maybe you can explain why this is a preferable solution?

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